TRD/TRDS Cryptoshare is the first property investment shares that is based on blockchain. New startup based on property. Our team combines the cryptoshare system with property development. The sale of Triumland shares in the international exchange market will also be used to build the property that is being implemented. The rapid and unlimited rate of increase of stock of crypto will greatly help our mission in the construction of the Triumland and Park property project and several other property projects that we are ready with.

 Total Supply Shares Shares.
Shares Composition.
60% Company Shares
40% Public Shares

Shares Specification
Code : TRD
Contract : 0x1D1b856d7eaC4D6dc3ADA061d171C4c0C3cd6513
Shares Type : Common Shares ERC20
Blockchain : Ethereum

Share Migration to :

Name : TRDShare
Code : TRDS
Contract : 0x46157ea765c17f43f1d72dd0786b2a855c2e2a44
Shares Type : Common Shares ERC20
Blockchain : Ethereum

Internal Wallet :
External Wallet : 

Mobile Wallet :

Dividend up to 40% / yr every shares.
Dividends are divided every 3 months (quarterly)
(Max devident up to 200%)

Affiliate System
5% – 3% – 1%

December, 2017

Initial Shares Offering
January , 2018